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We are a distributor of S2K office signage systems for Perth.

S2K are a wholesale supplier to the signage industry and do not sell to retail clients.

Office Signage


The artchitectural Series

This innovative sign system comprises three core components: the Base Plate, the Inserts and the Sidelocks. These may be arranged into a seemingly infinite array of designs with unlimited components, colours, sizes, mounting and graphic options, allowing Architects, Interior Designers and Sign Manufacturers optimal design flexibility.


AM Series components can be arranged into precisely the required configuration, producing signage of outstanding elegance, custom designed to suit your fit out, look and feel. AM Series signage is designed for use in the widest of commercial and industrial applications including:

  • Directory boards

  • Door names

  • In and out of office sliders

  • Identification plates

  • General wall signage

  • Internal hanging signs

  • Way finding signs

  • Free standing signs



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Mounting Options

The Bulletin Board Series

The Bulletin Board Series is a tailored, modular sign system designed to provide an efficient and effective means of displaying interchanging graphic information with minimal investment of time or resources.

Signage owners can personally amend signage quickly and easily using a computer and a printer. 

The Bulletin Board is designed to be a stand-alone product and due to its slim design, the Bulletin Board Series integrates easily with S2K’s popular Architectural Modular Series system. Combining the two systems enables the introduction of headers, footers or side panels, thus adding further options to the signage design and usability. 

  • Meetings, Conferences, timing or dates.

  • Staff Identification

  • Schedules

  • Evacuation Procedures

  • Internal Distribution information

  • Workstation Identification

  • Opening Hours

  • Hospital/Patient Identification

  • Name Plates

  • Instructions

  • Menus

  • Price Lists

  • Phone Extension Lists

  • Staff notices


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The Poster Holder Series

The Poster Holder Series is a modular graphic framing system. The units are designed to provide an efficient and effective way to display interchanging graphic information or posters with minimal investment of time or resources.

Signage owners can personally amend signage and graphics quickly and simply using computer generated graphics.

The slim design of the Poster Holder Series lends itself well to being integrated easily with S2K’s popular Architectural Modular Series sign system. Combining the two systems enables the introduction of headers, footers or a directory board, thus adding further options to the signage design

  • Poster displays

  • Promotions    

  • Schedules    


  • Evacuation procedures    

  • Hospital patient information    

  • Directories

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The Paper Hanger Series

Based on the ‘gravity principle’ the Paper Hanger Series utilises an aluminium extrusion that encases internal aluminium rods designed to grip and hang paper for display purposes.

The Paper Hanger Series is ideal for notes, messages, architectural plans, displays, posters or boardroom presentations. It can be attached using double-sided foam tape directly to a wall or any other flat surface.

The Paper Hanger Series is available in lengths up to 1900mm and can be cut to your required size.

  • Displaying posters,

  • Notes,

  • Architectural drawings,

  • Messages,​


  • Reports,

  • Schedules

  • Boardroom presentations.

Size Chart

Size Chart


Used with AM Series

Braille and tactile Signs

Braille and Tactile signs were designed for the blind and visually impaired. S2K’s Braille and Tactile Signage range complies with the Australian Building Code (section D3.6). To be compliant, all signs of this type must incorporate Grade 1 Braille as well as raised letters and symbols.

S2K’s Braille3D product incorporates raised text and symbols.

Braille is included for those with no sight, and the raised letters and symbols are included for those with a level of visual impairment and who are unable to read Braille.

Our amenities signage is available in a range of standard sizes and layouts.

These signs are all mounted onto an aluminium plate ready for installation.

In addition, custom Braille and Tactile signs can also be laminated directly to the face of the Architectural Modular Series if required. This system is compatible with Braille3D. The Braille and Tactile membranes are suitable for use on any of the Inserts in the Architectural Modular Series range. This application allows the Braille and Tactile insert to be interchangeable if required.



Stock Items

Info Strip

InfoStrip is a ticket strip extrusion suitable for applications such as labelling pigeon holes, shelves, drawers, cupboards, filing cabinets and display cabinets. It can be used with a paper insert alone, or with an acetate and paper insert combined for added protection.

Simply print or write the name onto standard copy paper or light card. Trim and insert into the InfoStrip channel. Acetate can also be used on top of the paper for added protection.

Height:    InfoStrip is available in one size only – 16mm High. 

Length:   The maximum length available for InfoStrip is approx. 2000mm.  

Supply: We supply InfoStrip cut to your required length. 

Available sizes start at 50mm long. We will cut InfoStrip to your requirements. Please specify the size you require.

  • labelling shelves

  • labelling drawers

  • pigeon holes


  • cupboards

  • filing cabinets 

  • display cabinets

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Archi-Frame Series

The Archi-Frame Series is powder coated metal frame designed to display graphics. The frame accommodates printed paper inserts.

The nature of the system enables the signage owner to personally amend signage or graphics quickly by simply using any computer generated graphics program and printer.

Archi-Frame is a simple, streamlined frame with a minimalist look designed to let your text and graphics be the hero.

  • Door signs  

  • Personnel signs

  • Staff notices

  • Messages


  • Evacuation procedures

  • Menus

  • Price lists

  • Opening hours 


Vertex Series

Vertex Series is a sign designed to be used as a simple yet interchangeable wall mounted or ceiling suspended sign system. It is designed to be lighter and easier to update than other systems of its kind.

Vertex Series can accept a range of insert panels onto which you can apply your graphics or text. Thus offering you more choice with your design, colour and graphics.

It is suitable for wall mount as well as single or double sided suspended (Hanging). Please specify whether you require your sign to be Single Sided or Double Sided. Either option is possible.

  • Room Signs

  • Departmental Signs

  • Directional Signage


  • Wayfinding Signage

  • Flag / Projecting Mount Signage



Magnetic Sign Series

The Magnetic Sign Series is a slimline interchangeable sign system with aluminium Inserts and Panels that can be easily removed and replaced as needed.

Single or multiple Inserts are possible. Magnetic Signs accept modular removable aluminium Inserts or custom cut aluminium panel onto which you can apply your graphics or text. The panels can be removed simply from the frame with the use of the Custom Insert Removal Tool.

This system is most suitable for a range of applications: door mount, wall mount, suspended, desk mount, flag mount, workstation and frame mount.

  • Door Signs

  • Room Signs

  • Departmental Signs


  • Directional Signage

  • Wayfinding Signage

  • Personnel Signs

Changing inserts


Workstation Sign Series

Workstation Signs are designed to be attached to workstation screens or partitions or within a workstation area.
Workstation Signs are offered in a range of sizes and types.

The signs are attached to the screen with custom brackets.
S brackets for the screen cavity, as shown above
U brackets to hang over the top of the screen

This section showcases some popular options for solving your workstation signage needs.

The C Channel Workstation Signs are perfect for high changeover names and staff relocation. 

  • Door Signs

  • Staff Identification

  • Name Plates

  • Area Identification


  • Staff Information

  • Notices

  • Messages

  • Cubicle Identification

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