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Why choose Vibe Signs?

Vibe Signs is a family-owned business. We are the designers, the manufacturers, and the installers who are hands-on your project from conception to completion. Like you, we strive to be successful in business and make our customers happy and return in the future.
The future of our children depends on us too.

Banner Signs

Acrylic, also known as Plexiglass or Perspex, creates visually stunning signage.10mm and 6mm clear acrylic used for reception signs. Your design is printed in reverse and applied to the rear of the acrylic. The front of the acrylic remains glass-like. 

Acrylic is also router cut and painted. The sign is then applied directly to the wall or applied to a backing board. Fabricated acrylic is a method of heating the acrylic to bend its shape. Every fabricated letter is an illuminated box with a front, back, and sides. The lights are glued to the inside of the box and wired together on installation.

Acrylic is also vacuum molded. A digital print is applied to the face of the acrylic before forming.  For larger projects, the inside of the acrylic will be masked and painted.

Where to Start?

Contact us and we will visit your premises to measure and chat about options. 

What next?

We will submit pricing to you for approval.  
Upon approval, we will proceed to the artwork stage.
The sign design will be superimposed onto a photo of the final location of the sign and submitted for approval.
Upon approval of the artwork, we will commence production.
These three steps ensure you finish up with exactly what you set out to purchase.

What is my budget?

Incorporate your sign budget into the entire cost of your shop fit-out. Speak to a professional who will guide you through all sign ideas and prices to give you the best value for your money.
Avoid the disappointment of having no money left after fitting out your premises for the signs you want. View our sign pricing guide for more information.

Need an entire advertising package?

Not a problem. We are a one-stop branding agency.
We design your building signs, vehicle signs, business cards, leaflets and flyers, corporate style guide, multi-media advertising, mobile signage, promotional products, and stationery.
That's a lot of experience under one roof and a great reason to choose Vibe Signs.